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Shifu Shi Heng Sheng

Image of Shifu Shi Heng ShengShifu (Master) Shi Heng Sheng is a 35th generation master from the Shaolin Temple Henan Province China. Shifu has been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, Chen style Tai Chi, and Qi Gong in the UK for over 12 years.

Shifu began his martial arts training at the age of 6, and spent 15 years in apprenticeship at the Shaolin Temple China. After this he travelled extensively throughout Europe as a part of the Shaolin Temple Performance Team and performed in various feats including the Shaolin Wheel of Life Performance Team.

Throughout his career, he has competed and won various titles in Shaolin tournaments. Among these, he obtained a gold medal in the Traditional Form National Championships, first place as Stick Champion at the Annual Shaolin Wushu Festival, second place as Sword Champion at the Shaolin Kung Fu Elite Championships and was the Champion in the 65kg catagory at the National Wushu Sanda competition.

Shifu Heng Sheng is experienced in over 40 Shaolin fist forms, has excelled in ten different weapon styles including stick, sword, 3-section staff, 9-section chain and whip. He also has extensive experience in Sanda and Sanshou competition forms and acrobatics.

Wheel of life performance team Image of Shifu Shi Heng Sheng on image shoot image of Shifu with Lionel Blair and E4 presenters