Fronted by 35th generation Shaolin Monk Shifu Shi Heng Sheng, the Chinese Performing Art's Centre has over ten years professional experience performing a wide range of traditional Chinese disciplines for corporate clients, private event and educational workshops.

Performances include any combination of:

  • Traditional Lion dance and baby lion
  • Dragon dance
  • Chinese dancing
  • Chinese music (band)
  • Shaolin Kung Fu (forms and weapons) and acrobatics
  • Traditional Tai Chi (Chen style)
  • Chinese traditional face change
  • Kung Fu Panda (workshops and parties)

Performances complement a wide range of events such as Chinese New Year celebrations, product launches or promotions, weddings, private parties, adverts, TV/films and educational workshops.

For bookings & enquiries, please contact us here

Corporate events - Our Experience

Football clubs - Chelsea FC, Southampton FC
Broadcasters - Sky TV Headquarters
Financial institutions
Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Experience: Promotional events, product launches, Chinese New Year celebrations.

Dragon Dance Performance

Chelsea flower show Performance - Shifu

Chelsea flower show Performance - Lion Dance

Sky TV Performance - Shifu

Public Events and Chinese New Year Celebrations

Available to perform at large or small public events including Chinese New Year celebrations.
Recent performances include: The National Maritime Museum Greenwich and the British Museum.

Tai Chi Performance

Lion dance performance



Educational Events & Parties - Our Experience

Combination of performances and or workshops focused on any of the traditional Chinese disciplines including Chinese martial arts and culture. All levels of education, Primary, Secondary, College and University are catered for.

Experience: Oxford University and Wellington College.

Kung Fu Form Performance

School Kung Fu Stick Performance

Kung Fu Panda Kids Party

School Kung Fu Performance



Television & Film - Our Experience

Parts in films, adverts, commercials and documentaries.



Interview for film

Interview for film