The Weapons and Acrobatics class combines these two important components of Shaolin Kung Fu, dedicating 30 minutes to each per class. The class runs 4 times a week and is open to students of ALL ages and abilities. This class should be an integral part of every students training schedule should they wish to progress through the intermediate level grading and on to the advanced level.


Students begin learning the basic foundations of acrobatics, starting with simple moves such as the forward roll, backward roll, headstand and handstand. As you progress and demonstrate your ability, you will gradually learn more advanced acrobatics. The acrobatics taught in this class form part of the weapon forms, so must be mastered to pass these forms.


Weapons are a cornerstone of Kung Fu training. This part of the class assumes you have passed your Beginner 1 grading. If you are at the Beginner 1 level (White T-shirt level) you will not be taught a weapon just yet, instead you will continue to learn and practise the first and second forms, which will be key to passing your first grading exam.

Students begin weapon training by first learning the Stick (Gun) and the first Stick form. After they pass the first Stick form, they can progress to the second Stick form, or move to a different weapon. Shifu will help and advise students choosing their next weapon, considering the students strengths and taking into account their size, age, agility and speed. Some of the weapons available include:

  • nunchuck
  • 3 section staff
  • spear
  • crescent-moon spear
  • staff
  • sword
  • soft whip