At the Chinese Performing Arts Centre we use a grading system to assess our students progress as they learn one or more of three disciplines:

  • Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Tai Chi & Qi Gong
  • San Shou (Chinese Kick Boxing)

Grading exams take place approximately once every 4 months and are subject to a £30 grading fee. Students that pass their grading exam will receive an official stamp in their grading book and the next grade T-shirt.

For details of what is required to achieve your next grade, please see Shifu for specific information.

Grade T-shirts

Each discipline uses the same 5 grade levels, but all have different criteria to achieve each grade

The five grade levels are as follows:

Beginner 1: White T-shirt

All new students start at the Beginner 1 level and receive a White T-shirt when they become a Chinese Performing Arts Centre member. The focus at this level is to develop a strong foundation of the discipline on which to build. Children at this grade should attend classes marked for Children Beginners or All students . Adults can attend any discipline classes marked for Adults or All students. Please note: Weapons are not taught at this grade level.

Beginner 2: Black T-shirt

After students pass the first grading, they progress to the Beginner 2 level (Black T-shirt) where they are able to start learning a Weapon, for Kung Fu this starts with the Stick (Gun Shu). This is to ensure students have a strong foundation of the discipline, show dedication and the required fitness, before starting weapon training. Students at this grade and beyond are eligible to attend any classes marked as Advanced.

Advanced 1: Orange T-shirt

Advanced 2: Red T-shirt

Advanced 3: Grey T-shirt